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Willkommen im Hüttendorf Schladming

Winter Activities

ski lift in permanent operation
from November 2018 - April 22nd 2019

  • The city center of Schladming with splendidly constructed infrastructure, excellent gastronomical offers, pubs, shops and its possibly record-breaking après-ski, is located just 1.5km from here. The cabin village is reachable by car but also very close to the slope. The ski lifts "Planai West" and the chairlift (Rohrmoos I) from where you have direct access to the 4-mountains-linked ski area Schladming, are reachable at a distance of 300m.
  • details on the skiing region ()
  • hours of operation of the skiing region ()
    Planai and Hochwurzen are the heart
  • of the 4-mountains-linked ski area of Schladming including 126km of slopes
  • of the region Schladming-Dachstein and
  • to be present at Ski amadé, Austrias biggest skiing pleasure.
  • Whether skiing for one day or winter holiday: those two mountains, the Planai and the Hochwurzen, are providing, doubtless, Austrias most elaborated ski-adventure-offer!
    2km away is the architectural impressive valley station "Planet Planai" located, the center of the international skiing event of the FIS alpine ski world championchip 2013. Taking the ski bus is the easiest way to reach this entrance position to the center of the 4-mountains-linked ski area. The valley station whose idea goes back to the "One-Stop-Shops" offers, at a central place, everything you need for your holiday.
  • TO BUILD AN IGLOO Make a short stop at one of the comfortable taverns amidst the natural park and reminisce about your unforgettable impressions while your warm yourself with a cup of hot spiced wine or tea.
    Meeting point: 2 p.m., tavern Mössner at Kleinsölk
    Participants: at least 4 persons
    Application: at the office of the nature park
    telephone number: +43(0)3685/20903

  • The ski school Sport TRITSCHER offers skiing lessons for adults, snowboard lessons, carving lassons and of course skiing lessons for children.
    Meeting point: 300m from the cabin village, at the valley station "Planai West"
    Here the skiing instructors will welcome you.
    • The offer includes:
    • Application and meeting point ski- and snowboard school
    • Ski- and snowboard rental
    • Collection point for ski and snowboard service
    • Fischer Test center

  • To get up to the Hochwurzen, take the chairlift "Rohrmoos I", which is situated 300m away from the cabin village. Wheter you are a beginner, an infant or an epicure - the Hochwurzen provides an offer for every taste. From the peak of the Hochwurzen you have a unique view, wherefrom you can see the rustic huts, the "Hochwurzenalm" and the "Hochwurzenhütte". People who would like to slide down the 7km long toboggan run on skids, have the possibility to rent a sledge at the valley station of the "Hochwurzen peak-cable car". This cable car will bring you to the peak of the Hochwurzen and can be reached by car or by ski bus in 6km distance. Due to the availability of a flood light, it is also possible to use the toboggan run in the evening.
  • Useful hint for night owls: A night bus, which is en route at the Schladming region until 1 a.m., brings you to the toboggan run and back again. All information for tobogganing at night: click here

  • Enjoy the freedom ....
  • "A skiing trip is not only a sporting activity but also an unforgettable experience amidst the nature and with the nature, apart the hustle and bustle!"
    Ski touring at the Sölktäler nature park For athletic guest the 12 ski tours, tagged since 2008, are a must-see. Downhills at powder snow or firn are the guerdon for the ascent. The Sölktaler nature park offers perfect conditions for ski touring - no matter whether you are a beginner or if you are advanced. Experience, together with an adopted ski touring guide, a very special day at a guided "indulgence ski tour".
    Information: office of the nature park
    telephone number: +43(0)3685/20903
    Equipment: the choice of the tour depends on the whether- and avalanche situation.
    The rental of ski touring equipment is, for value, possible.

    Or ski touring at the Dachstein

  • Cross-country skiing makes you fit as a fiddle
  • Cross-country skier can choose between two cross-country paradises which are reachable by car in about 10 minutes (9,5km). Extreme cold and sunshine transform the cross-county ski runs at the Untertal into real "crystal-cross-country ski runs". Clearings protect the "crystal-cross-country ski run" as well as the "sport-cross-county ski run" at the Untertal, therefore they are accessible until spring-time, mostly. Rustic snack bars along the cross-county ski runs invite the guests to stay.
    At Ramsau at the Dachstein (5km) you are cross-country skiing at the submontane of Styrias highest mountain. A stunning panorama and slopes at world champion level, displace boredom in any case.
    Further information: cross-country skiing at the Dachstein

  • The best way to experience the magic of those snow-covered mountain villages, is to go snowshoeing, hiking in winter or cross-country skiing - on 25km groomed winter hiking trails and 30km cross-country ski runs.
    An insider tip for nature lovers, ski touring lovers and for the extraordinary winter holiday!
    Meeting point: snack station Langbrucker at Großsölk (duration 3-4 hours)
    Participants: at least 4 persons
    Application: at the office of the nature park
    telephone number: +43(0)3685/20903
    Rental of snow shoes: € 5,-

  • Those sleigh rides are that romantic and wonderful.
  • Offers you get in every small town. At the entire holiday region are 86 teams of horses at your´s disposal, and for your relaxation. For example from the horse farm "Aigner" from Aich Possible at day and night, with an unhurried stop or a round trip!

Summer Activities

Planai-West: from June 8th until October 6th 2019 Hochwurzen: from June 29th until October 13th 2019

  • Radfahren

    Enjoy an unhurried alpine-walk and learn something about the wildlife at the Planai.
    The panorama-path around the Planai-peak is located within spitting distance of the Planai-mountain station and is, by the way, capable for buggy. Not far from the Planai-loop road is the "place of consciousness", which was established on the occasion of the 25 year company anniversary of the Planai-Hochwurzen-railways.

  • In the immediate vicinity are a lot of interesting places of excursion, such as the Dachstein-glacier with its giant ice caves and the nice town Ramsau! Here is also a nature studies path for children and a children's play area!
    Initial point: parking Breitlahnalm (toll) at Kleinsölktal
    Duration: 1 hour, easy hike, buggy mile
    Initial point: guesthouse "Zum Gamsjäger" at St. Nikolai
    Duration: about 1 hour, easy hike, buggy mile
    Initial point: parking "Zur Schönwetterhütte" at Großsölk
    Duration: about 1 hour,easy/medium difficult hike
    The "Dachstein-Ice Palace" is leading you inside the Dachstein-glacier. Enjoy the frosty-fascinating ice-world, where you can admire the shining glacial-ice and the mystic ice-music.
    This year´s special exhibition inspires the visitors again: it is about the ?Ancient Egypt".
    Thousands of kilogram ice were needed to carve the sphinx, Tutenkhamon, Nofretete and Pharaohs out of it. Manufactured very carefully and provided with special lighting effects, does this special exhibition induce the visitor to immerse in this storied world.

    Immerse into the mysticism of the ?Ancient Egypt?
    at the ?Dachstein-Ice Palace?.

    All in all, 5 ice carvers have worked on those sculptures, lasting for weeks. Michael Bachnetzer, sculptor and teacher at the carve-school Geisler-Moroder in Elbigenalp (Tyrol), assumed control. They worked until the evening hours. Whether the charming face of Nofretete or the royal mien of Tutenkhamon ? the sculptures have been carved very authentic.
    Beside this special exhibition, you also have the possibility to participate a round-trip inside the glacier which is leading you to fantastic attractions, such as the "blue saloon", the "crystal dome" or the formula 1 racing car ?Red Bull R7?. The impressive "column entrance" - it looks similar to the Greek Acropolis - is one of the main attractions. Another eye-catcher is the crevasse with 80cm big natural crystals.
    The biggest lake at the "Tauern of Schladming" is located close to the valley end at the "Kleinsölker Obertal" at an altitude of 1.150m above sea-level. The aquacade-path "Schwarzensee" gives an insight into the mulitfaceted living environments and into the exciting behavior, which is in close contact with the life-giving water. Different species of animals and plants feel good at the low moor, the mountain streams and the body of standing water.
    Amidst all these plants exists an unimpressive but fascinating plant: a carnivore named sundew. A special rarity is the "spruce-condensed water moor". Throughout the summer months escapes very cold temperatur between those rough blocks, so that icicle get formed at the debouchure.
  • The fortress Hohensalzburg in 95km distance
    The silhouette of the "Mozart-city" would not be imaginable without it - the fortress Hohensalzburg - it is located high above the city and defines the appearance of the city.
    The 900 years old fortress Hohensalzburg, the town´s landmark, is the biggest and best-preserved castle complex in Europe. The fortress, which was built by archbishop Gebhard during the Investiture Conflict in 1077, was used as a defense for the clergy and for the population.
    From the fortress Hohensalzburg you have a wonderful view over the city and the province of Salzburg.
    An adventure for the whole family!
    This world ouf of salt offers fun and curosity for young and old! Throughout the whole year: the temperature inside the mine amounts to constantly 7°C, therefore warm clothes and sturdy shoes are recommended also in summer! You can go about 700 meter into the mountain, here you pass the salt boundary. The grey rock ends and changes to the red salt rock with its wonderful strata and colors. Via a slide you get into the mysterious treasure chamber of unseen pictures.

    ROCK CLIMBING on the Dachstein in 10km
  • On the south side and on the north side of the Dachstein mountains are all in all 14 fixed rope routes with all levels of difficulty. There is a wide range of fixed rope routes, such as the "Hunerschaften-fixed rope route" which is a more or less easy one, the "Johann-fixed rope route", or, for example the extreme "Skywalk-fixed rope route".
  • The fixed rope routes "Der Johann" and "Der Irg" are the most popular ones. The Dachstein rock is famous as a perfect climbing rock. The view in direction "Dachstein" or "Niedere Tauern" is really impressive, already at the ascent. At the end of this fixed rope route you will have a wonderful panoramic view. Most of the fixed rope routes are very new and therefore also built under very modern aspects.
  • The new "Sky Walk fixed rope route", its level of difficulty is E, which means very difficult, runs very exposed through the overanging escarpments of the Hunerkogel, directly under the Dachstein-cable car, uphill until the Dachstein-cable car mountain station. It has a total lenght of 320m and a vertical height of 170m.

  • Radfahren

    People who are searching for an adrenergic activity, are on the Planai at good hands (about 2km away from here). The bike park Planai offers a 5km long downhill-route, the altitude difference amounts to 1.000m. Not only professionals are crazy about this route. Sporty families can choose, beside the World Cup route, the so-called "Flow-Line", on which route they can cycle downhill, to the valley, a bit less hurried. Bikes and equipment can be rented next to the valley station "Planet Planai".

  • There are a lot of summer toboggan runs, but there is just one "summer go-kart toboggan run" on the Hochwurzen. The difference to a conventional summer toboggan run is: the "summer sledge" or the purpose-built mountain go-kart drives downhill on a crushed rock road. The "peak-railway Hochwurzen" will carry you uphill (distance: 5km, about 5 minutes driving time). The rental-station "Ski Lenz" is located next to the valley-station of the peak-railway.

  • Visit the adventure courtyard in Haus at the Enns-Valley! At the adventure courtyard "Schiefer" you have the possibility to demonstrate your marksmanship at the three-dimensional hunt-parcours on-site. Here are 26 three-dimensional animal targets at a diversified and challenging area positioned, the whole year round. Shooting-setting-out pegs for beginners, recurves and longbows as well as for compound. 18 arch to hire are also available.

  • below the cabin village

  • Kristallklaren Wasserspaß für Groß und Klein, das garantieren unsere sechs Badeseen!
  • Swimming lake Pichl

    Nice swimming lake with a play house, a water trampoline, a huge playing field, a bouncing castle, a football ground, a tennis court and a beach volleyball court.
  • Aicher swimming lake
    For small captains: The (Aicher) ark! There you have a raft-island, a wood-adventure playground, a water-trampoline, a slackline, a beach volleyball court, a huge sandbox and entertainment for children.
  • Recreation center Irdning
    There is a beach volleyball court, a children´s playground, a football ground, a tennis court and an asphalt curling alley.
  • Putterer-lake Aigen at the Enns-valley
    It is the warmest "alpine-marsh-lake" of Styria. There is a defined children´s area, boats, a beach volleyball court, you have the possibility of sailboarding and you can go jumping on the giant trampoline.
  • Recreation center Donnersbach
    Small public bath. You have the possibility of playing basketball, table tennis, football or just jump on the trampoline.
  • Recreation center Donnersbachwald
    Swimming lake, beach volleyball court and children's playground. Natural biotope with fishing possibility.
  • Adventure baths Schladming
    Entertainment and recreation for the whole family on 380m² water expanse and attractions such as the flow channel, fountains, waterfalls, massage, a 66m water slide and waterfall showers.
  • Adventure baths "Haus im Ennstal"
    It consists of a heated open air bath (26°C) with sports swimming pool, a pool for children, a mini-pool with a large awning, a huge slide at the outside section, a beach volleyball court and nice lawn for sunbathing.
  • Panorama baths Gröbming
    Since June 2010 Gröbming possesses of a modern open air bath with a varied spa area, which offers fun, sports facilities and recreation for every generation. 2 pools, reclining seats, Jacuzzi and an extensive reclining area are available. For the little ones there is a pool for children. Teenagers and the people who are young at heart will enjoy the diving platform as well as the "wide water slide". People who just want to relax and calm down, should visit the sauna area with comfortable rest area and other constitutional offers, also in winter!
  • Spa Amadé in Altenmarkt at the Pongau, reachable in 22km
    The Spa Amadé, an architectural pretentious construction, was built amidst the region Altenmarkt-Zauchensee.
    Fun, sport and recreation for the whole family, at an area of 30.000 m². The Spa possesses a pool with waves, the only one in this region, a 25m-sport´s pool with 1m and 3m diving platforms and big warm-water pools with different salt water concentrations.
    A special highlight is the loop-the-loop water slide, it is the only one in Salzburg (the whole province).

    The biggest "experience-sauna" invites you to recreate and respite from the daily grind. Furthermore you should induldge yourself with a massage.

  • Rafting-tours are particularly suitable for adventuresome persons. Such tours are a special highlight for old and young!
    Wonderful canyons and numerous rap-anchors quicken the pulse the heartbeat of every persons who loves canyoning.
    The town Pruggern has its own adventure-center. It offers rafting for families on the Enns (children at the age of 6 years), and sporting rafting on the Salzach or the Salza.
    Furthermore are there 12 different canyoning-tours as well as a high ropes course at the town Gröbming.

  • What about a paragliding training course or a sightseeing flight? A tandem-flight is also possible! For more information, click here or

  • The adventure park is just a few steps from the mountain station of the Planai cable car located.
    Here you find more than 100 elements and stations in shape of a "forrest acrobatics show-jumping course" at a heigt of 1 until 14 meters.
    Austrias biggest adventure park in shape of "forrest acrobatics show-jumping course" including more than 100 elements was built in Gröbming/Styria. Climb at an altitude of 1.800m from tree top to tree top - and enjoy the wonderful view: the Enns-valley is at your´s feet, and with the Dachstein massif you are at eye level. Discover the mountain-forrest from a new perspective!
    An adventure for the whole familiy.

  • The golf course in Oberhaus at Schladming, which was designed from the golf legend Bernhard Langer, is one of the most beautiful 18-hole golf courses in Austria and therefore counts to the best addresses round here. It is just 5km away from the cabin village!